What’s the role of a construction expert witness?

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction advisory services, consultants, and even interim management are considered as the cream of the crop when it comes into construction consultants. But how about construction expert witnesses, do you need them? Just like any other enterprise or field of business, the construction industry is not immune from conflicts or lawsuits. Being a contractor or a person that’s engaged in construction, you need to protect your interests as much as possible so you can avoid liabilities or lawsuits. Now, where do expert witnesses in construction come into the picture? If you think that they become relevant when conflicts arise, then you are definitely correct. As a matter of fact, expert witnesses are used in court cases, dispute resolution cases and even in arbitration or mediation proceedings. These guys are different from ordinary witnesses in such a way that they don’t testify about personal experiences or what they have witnessed first-hand. Expert witnesses in construction are called to the witness stand precisely due to the fact that they are experts in construction. Lawyers from both sides would then directly examine and cross-examine these experts on his statements that such a thing has been done with prudence or there is an element of negligence involved. In short, expert witnesses will help you or your adverse party in determining who is at fault and who is the reason why such a conflict in your construction project arose. In most cases, courts and arbitrators will require you to prove such fact that your witness is indeed an expert.


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