Unexpected Hazards in the World of Construction

The most tightly run construction outfit is bound to run into problems here and there, but these unexpected challenges can quickly become full-blown crises for the under prepared. Each of these claims represents the unexpected, but maybe not so rare. For instance, how many outfits in your experience have employed illegal workers? These situations are not entirely unexpected, and you’ll find this information quite valuable if you ever find yourself in such a situation. Avoid these unexpected hazards by heeding this important advice.


Workers Comp and Illegal Workers

Hiring an illegal worker already carries several risks to a business, but times call for decisions that might not be based in a lawful mentality. If you notice this, you should say something. If you are considering making such a hire, think about the worst possible incident: injury. What if that worker was hurt on the job in an accident that your company could be liable for? There is a chance that construction claims management can help turn the tide of a case in your favor, but you would still be exposed as someone who hires illegal worker. You might also incur fines that are levied per employee.

Damage to Areas Around the Site

Construction sites with improperly secured implements may end up inadvertently damaging the areas around the site. This could include someone’s car, which might lead them to claim damages against your company. In these situations, construction claims preparation is crucial to winning the case. You need to be able to document who was last to touch whatever was the implement in question, what protocols they followed to properly shut machinery down, and make sure you have evidence for every aspect of the incident.

Security and Losses

Security is a major concern as most material losses occur after delivery of the materials. Crews who have access to supplies can be trusted, but that doesn’t mean a site should remain unsecure. Hire construction consultants to survey your construction site and recommend locations for security cameras. Lock down important areas with keycard access, or restrict which personal have access to which parts of a building undergoing retrofitting. Remember that this minimizes the risk to your employees as well, especially where delicate and expensive machinery is concerned.

Final Thoughts

These situations are not the norm, but they are worth looking out for. A few changes today, especially with regards to hiring practices and security on the job, will go a long way in protecting you and your crew from liability.
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