Three Cases Where Utilizing a Construction Consultant can Help

Construction consulting services can be an incredible savior of both time and money on a construction site, but there are certain situations where the benefits will far exceed the costs. Consultants have dealt with shortages of materials and personnel, and they are experts at navigating claims and expediting the process. If you’re worried about down time, or you need a hand during project management, a consultant might be just what you need to avoid unnecessary costs.


A construction consulting firm would be able to help you determine which materials are most cost effective for your project. For instance, if you transition into structural steel you could save a significant amount of time and money on your project. Steel is faster to produce, which means it arrives faster too.

Knowing material costs, and how they compare to alternatives, is crucial if budgeting is a concern for you.


No one can predict whether you’ll have enough manpower to complete a project on time, but project managers do their best to accurately estimate based on deadlines. Consultants add expertise to the project, so you have to pay fewer people like structural steel experts. Key personnel can also help manage claims or fill other roles that would reduce down time.


Hopefully you’re not faced with litigation often, but consultants expedite claims and help settle disputes in mediation in addition to other duties. They know what paperwork you need to prove your case and can help your record keeping. They can also act as an expert witness, providing testimony that can influence the outcome of your case in a positive way.

Bio: Lyle Charles is a construction consultant with 40 years of experience in structural steel and expert testimony. For assistance preparing or settling a construction claim, contact Lyle Charles Consulting.