Taking Stock in Trading Stock

I would like to learn to trade stock. After all of the drama of the events leading up to the great recession, I am somewhat leery however. What if, with the volatility of the economy being what it is, I lose my shirt on some dubious investment strategy. Repeatedly we hear how the government’s actions have exacerbated the economy’s troubles in one way or another. While this may be true, they have done some splendid work as well. What about the Internet, it was the government and leading educational institutions (usually funded by the government) that created the whole ball of wax.

I do hope that we are done with that derivative thing. Here we are a bailout or two down the road. I will try to put any negative vibes behind me in that rearview mirror and get on with this business, that great enterprise, life. Traditional savings accounts in the neighborhood bank should be a part of any attempt to construct a life savings plan. The ancient financial advice, paraphrased so euphemistically, as is my specialty, goes something like-‘do not to put all of your green eggs and ham in one basket’. This theory lives on in the concept of diversification. Working with the valuable tools provided to trade stock, this will help me to finally put my financial house in order. Better late than never I guess!

What I don’t understand is that on some sites, which is really educational for a novice like me, when expounding on diversification they say that I will be buying into a basket of securities. What they should really be saying though, if they wish to be in harmony with the not putting all of one’s eggs in a single basket theory is that I’m not buying into a lone basket but numerous baskets wherewith I will place my proverbial hard laid eggs for to hatch multiple chicks for ultimate success in the stock market.

Unless of course they believe like that beloved author that you really should put all of your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket! However, look what happened to him, he lost his big fancy house and shirt on poor investments and had to survive during his golden years by touring the world on speaking engagements. And never the Twain shall meet.

Now I’m confused, again. How shall I prevent my financial future from ending up just another basket case? Simple, give some nice sites a visit.

Posted By: 1 Stop Service