Managing Disputes on a Construction site

Written by: Lyle Charles

Summary: A construction dispute should not be taken lightly, especially if it delays the work in progress.

Disputes on a construction site aren’t easy to gloss over. Personnel could be injured, deadlines may pass and money is always at stake. A project manager is the right person to solve these disputes, but a construction claims consultant might be able to help manage your claim for you. Remember, every claim against you means time you can’t spend actively managing new or existing projects. It’s paramount to solve disputes quickly and efficiently.

How to Prove Your Case

Any construction dispute is going to come down to what each party can show for in defense of itself. Receipts are great for this purpose, so document every interaction you have and make sure you file all of your invoices properly. It also helps to retain construction advisory services versed in mediation and claims analysis. They may not be lawyers, but they are familiar with the laws surrounding your case.

Trial or Mediation?

One of the biggest questions that most parties face when a dispute arises is whether to take their case to trial. Trial is like a permanent solution in these situations, so be careful how you apply it. Instead, utilize mediation. This technique relies on a third party with no vested interest to help sort out the details of the case in question. It’s faster than trial, typically over within just a few days, and it almost always ends with both parties on good terms.

If your differences cannot be solved by mediation, trial should be the next step. Just be aware that it is a costly and lengthy step. Be sure you’ve tried to approach any mediation with an open mind before resorting to trial.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting specializes in construction mediation, and Lyle Charles is a construction claims consultant with experience on commercial and residential real estate projects.