Len Blavatnik the Philanthropist

By Access Industries

There’s a lot to be said for Len Blavatnik. Most people already know the billionaire’s reputation. He’s a captain of industry. He attended some of the best schools in the entire world. Today, he’s one of the wealthiest men in the United Kingdom. His empire involves natural resources, chemicals, telecommunications and real estate. There’s no telling where he’ll stop either.
Still, there’s more to it than just Len Blavatnik, company man. While Len Blavatnik is Access Industries’ leader, he’s also a person who has done untold good deeds for countless people all over the globe as well.
His Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists is just one example. As a graudate of Yale, Len Blavatnik decided to give back to the school that once gave him a Masters in computer science, just one of a few degrees he has.
This award is given to young people who have shown promise in the same field he has excelled in (one of them anyway). Blavatnik understands the opportunity that he received from Yale and hopes to do the same with his award.
That’s just one example of his generosity though. He has also done things like donate to food banks in Israel during holidays. The man is impressive in a number of ways, to be certain.
Most people know a lot about Len Blavatnik. The Harvard grad has done business on every continent and is well known for his billion dollar fortune. However, the man in charge of Access Industries is also a thriving philanthropist too.