Identity Theft Is Costly

Becoming a victim of identity theft can be devastating; it can also be expensive. The Los Angeles Times reports that identity theft costs Americans billions of dollars every year. And with identity theft cases on the rise, consumers are always in search of the next best advice or service to help prevent identity theft before it occurs. Few companies have grabbed our attention more than IdentityHawk. The company has launched a new commercial that outlines its products and services, a comprehensive package you won’t want to go without. While we were very impressed with nearly every service — from social security number protection to credit scores and monitoring services — the most impressive piece of the package is the $1 million identity theft insurance.

According to the IdentityHawk commercial and the company website, IdentityHawk is so sure it will prevent identity thieves from stealing your identity that it offers $1 million in insurance. And not just any insurance. IdentityHawk offers customers zero-liability insurance, which means you don’t have to pay a deductible and you’ll be protected against the hefty costs of identity repair, legal fees and lost wages.

Restoring your identity can also be extremely time-consuming. The Los Angeles Times reports that each victim spent nearly 59 hours last year repairing the issue, an increase from 41 hours in 2009, according to Javelin Strategy & Research.