Here’s How to Ask Your Partner to Sign a Prenuptial Agreement

A family law attorney Long Beach CA may advise a client of the importance of a prenuptial agreement in some cases. The decision to have an agreement drafted is only the first step. The next part of the process is asking a partner to sign a prenuptial agreement (or “prenup”). There are some strategies to employ approach a partner about signing such an agreement.

First, a partner should not be surprised with a request to sign a prenup. Taking this course is highly likely to make a partner feel like a demand to sign the agreement is being made. Ideally, a partner should be brought into the process of agreeing to a prenup even before the document actually is drafted. If the partner feels a sense of ownership in the process itself, he or she will be far more likely to execute the agreement without reservations.

Second, when asking a spouse to sign a prenup, make it very clear that he or she will have ample time to consult with his or her own attorney, with one or another of the divorce lawyers in Long Beach CA. Sometimes the spouse being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement feels like the odd man or woman out. The partner having a prenuptial agreement drafted is likely to have his or her own attorney. Ensuring that the partner has more than enough time to seek independent legal advice renders the whole process of signing a prenuptial agreement all the more palatable for that person.

Third, a divorce attorney Long Beach CA set aside time specifically to discuss the prospect of entering into a prenuptial agreement. Make sure the partner knows what the subject of the meeting is to be well in advance.
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