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Things to Know About Property Finance

If property finance is something you are interested in getting into, then here are a few important facts you should know first. The field of property finance is very competitive and challenging. Getting yourself into it well enough to be successful and gain profits can be daunting. It is quite easy to get into property […]

The Importance of Having a Family Budget

Some families breeze through month by month minus any kind of financial planning. It is important to keep track of family expenses and income, and thus having a family budget worked out has its benefits. It always makes financial matters much easier if you have an idea of how much money is being earned and […]

3 Mistakes Not to Make When Retiring

Going into retirement not only requires meticulous planning, but also a clear plan. Not only should you be financially sound, but you should also have a clear idea of your lifestyle and spending patterns. Most people make these mistakes when going into retirement. Underestimation of healthcare costs – this is one area that is commonly […]

Target-date Funds

Target-date funds are attempting to simplify your investments for retirement. According to the time horizon of the participant, investment in the account will move from more stock oriented investments when the person is younger to more conservative investments such as bonds when the investor is closer to retirement. Therefore, these funds provide a hassle free […]

What’s happening with the bull market?

Since March 2009, U.S. markets are experiencing over three year run. Corporate profits are increasing, jobs are gradually coming back and the overall economy is showing improvement. Standard & Poor’s 500 Index doubled over the three year period and Dow Johns hit 12,000. In spite of these gains, trading in New York Stock Exchange has […]

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

A whopping $1.2 trillion have been invested in U.S. assets through ETFs. An ETF is traded same as a stock of a company. They are an easy way to own whole markets such as commodities or bonds or segments such as health care or financial. Index based funds require only minimal involvement of your time […]

How the FDIC was Created

This article was written by Samuel Phineas Upham Most of us have heard the term “FDIC Insured,” but few actually realize what that means. The organization got its start in 1933, four years after the crash of the stock market in 1929. The history of the FDIC paints a picture of a country that hoped […]

Find the Right Realtor, Find the Right Home

By Plan B International If you’re looking for houses for sale Miami, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the selection. Whether you’re looking at Properties in Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay or anywhere else, you won’t lack for options. However, while they may not leave you disappointed, it’s very possible you’ll feel a bit overwhelmed. As […]

What balance to carry on your credit cards?

Experts say that you do not need to carry a balance on your credit card to get a higher FICO score. Lenders report monthly balances to credit bureaus. Your balance is weighted against available credit and they create a debt to credit ratio. They will also look at your credit utilization and develop patterns that […]

Credit or debit card: which is safe to use?

Credit and debit card uses are on the rise. Both claim that each card is safe to use. But most recent credit card breach at Target tells a different story. A closer comparison of the two still reveals that use of a credit card may hold some advantages over a debit card. When it comes […]

Roth IRA delivers tax free income

You contribute your after tax earnings to a Roth IRA account but earnings and withdrawals from it after meeting certain requirements is tax free. Roth IRAs carry certain advantages over Traditional IRAs. This makes Roth IRAs more appealing to many especially to elderly. In addition to tax free compounded growth, Roth IRAs are not subject […]